4th and Haven Field Blend- 2020


Cucamonga Valley

4th and Haven Field Blend

Planted in 1918, this organic, own-rooted, and dry farmed Zinfandel and Mission is from one of the only remaining vineyards in the historic region of the Cucamonga Valley in Southern California. After 100 years of struggling in loose sand the vines are only 18 inches tall. Each produces a few tiny 'monkey fist' clusters that look more like Pinot Noir than typical Zinfandel. The best clusters are shaded underneath leaves and are often resting on the sand. In order to pick them we kneel on the ground careful to avoid the fire ants. We lift each shoot, find the hidden clusters, and repeat the process for hours. The Mission variety is our prize at the end. They are more like small trees than vines. Each vine carries huge clusters of lightly-colored Mission grapes. Exhausted in the mid-day heat we finish the pick by filling up the remainder of the bin with these Mission clusters. Ripe peaches, dried fruit, tea leaves, and citrus peel on the nose. The palate is bright red-fruit, cinnamon, and tarragon. This vintage is shockingly balanced on the palate for a big wine. The blend of 60% Zinfandel and 40% Mission combine seamlessly into a wine that is reminiscent of a California Nebbiolo.

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