Late Winter Rains Recharge Ventura County vineyards

Cavaletti Vineyards
February 20, 2019

There is nothing like natural rainfall to revitalize grapevines and we are receiving plenty this winter.

The 2019 rainfall season has dumped almost 13 inches of rain on Santa Rosa Valley vineyards so far with no signs of the rain stopping. We are sitting at 152% of our normal rainfall for this time of the year and way ahead of the 2018 rain season which saw only 1.2 inches fall by February. Our local vineyards will start off the season with plenty of moisture to set a healthy crop and also insure that we will battle weeds for the first several weeks of spring.

The high desert of Los Angeles County only averages 7.3 inches of annual precipitation, but it has already surpassed that with 7.5 inches falling so far this season. This rainfall is fantastic for those vineyards as it will wash the soils of accumulated salts. Natural rainfall has a very pronounced effect on vineyard health as compared to irrigation and vines should start off the season with an abundant crop as a result. It will also be a great year to drive out to the desert and check out the Antelope Valley Poppy Preserve. The fields should be on fire with the bright orange blooms of California Poppies.

Santa Ynez is sitting at 12.84 inches of accumulated rain this season or 156% of normal with 5 inches having fallen over the last 5 days. This will be great for the Sangiovese that struggled last year in the 115 degree heat spell we had.