Decanter - Bottling from 18th Century Vine

Angeleno's new wine The Angelica
December 1, 2023

At Cavaletti Vineyards, we're always excited to share news that celebrates the rich history and vibrant present of winemaking in our region. We're proud to introduce a fascinating article from Decanter that highlights a remarkable achievement in the Los Angeles Vintners Association: the release of a bottling from an 18th-century vine. This piece beautifully captures the spirit of innovation and respect for tradition that defines Southern California's wine industry.

This article highlights the story of how local winemakers are resurrecting a piece of vinicultural history, bringing to life flavors that span centuries. It's an inspiring reminder of the deep roots and dynamic future of winemaking in our area.

We invite you to read this article and join us in celebrating this extraordinary milestone: the creation of the Angelica Wine. Whether you're a wine aficionado or a curious enthusiast, this particular wine is sure to enrich your appreciation for the craft and heritage that pours into every bottle.

Buy the bottle through the Angeleno Wine website.

Discover more about this historical venture at Decanter with the link below: